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Golden Pumpkin Pancakes

So colourful veggie pancakes has been my thing as of late. We’ve done green pancakes (zucchini with the skin on), pink pancakes (beetroot), and then I thought…how about pumpkin for golden pancakes? I baked the pumpkin then pureed it with milk. Basically the original pancake recipe is 1 cup flour, 1 egg and 1 cup

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Pink Beetroot Pancakes

A couple weeks ago, I decided to attempt to add beetroot to pancakes and smoothies since it turns things pink…and little girls like all things pink, right? So I bought a bunch of beets, wrapped them in foil, baked them whole, peeled them, sliced them, let them cool, put them into Ziplock bags and kept them in the freezer. My

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Hidden Zucchini Pancakes

Zucchini is probably one of the easiest vegetables to hide into meals. And I don’t just mean the savoury stuff, I mean the sweet stuff too! You can add finely grated zucchini to things like chocolate cake and brownies which sounds strange but it’s not. It’s tasteless and will provide moisture and your family won’t even know it’s there. My

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