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DAY 14: Contemplating Marriage Over Beyonce (30-Day Personal Blog Challenge)

When Miss 4.5 is at school and it’s just me and Miss 21mo, I enjoy letting her potter around exploring her environment at her own pace. When her older sister is around, things get a little crazier so it’s nice to have these moments where I’m not rushing her or chasing after one of them or

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DAY 4: Engagement, Marriage & Eye Checkups (30-Day Personal Blog Challenge)

Tonight my poor laptop dropped from the desk onto the carpet and part of the screen shattered…along with my heart 😥 It still works but I have to put sticky tape on the edge that has literally shattered into a million pieces as glass dust comes off whenever I touch it. I now have to carry it

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You are My Everything…NOT

Saying ‘”I do” doesn’t mean becoming co-dependent I am a romantic. I used to be, anyway. I loved watching and reading about all-consuming loves like in Moulin Rogue and all those sappy Nicholas Sparks novels. I always dreamed of getting married and having kids young. I loved the thought of loving and being loved, needing and being

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