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What Energises You? (a tale of insecurities and chasing old dreams)

Ever since I took that little evening jog to the docks (which I wrote about in my previous post), I kept thinking about this question: what energises me?  I’m not talking about things that make you feel good for a moment then bad later (like bingeing on ice cream or chocolate while falling down the Facebook videos rabbit hole),

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DAY 18: What If You Could Control Your Dreams At Night? (30-Day Personal Blog Challenge)

A couple days ago, I mentioned Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM) in my blog post. HSAM is basically a condition where a person is able to effortlessly recall their life experiences in extreme detail, even from the time they were just a couple weeks old. What I find intriguing is that people who have this condition usually seem

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The Importance of Living in Truth and Looking After Yourself

A key part of living a happy and fulfilling life is to always be 100% truthful about who you are and what you want/need out of life. There is no right or wrong (as long as you don’t recklessly hurt others)- everyone has different beliefs, morals, outlooks etc. The important thing is that you know

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