DAY 28: Flinders Street Car Incident (30-Day Personal Blog Challenge)

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Today a car drove into pedestrians at Flinders Street in Melbourne CBD during peak hour, injuring a number of people (current number as of writing this post is 19). I had just gotten home from picking up Miss 4.5 from her last day of school when I noticed the messages from a few friends asking if I was okay. We were nowhere near that area at that time though, and my husband who is a paramedic was also not working today. So no drama all around for us.


The incident took place on Elizabeth Street outside the iconic Flinders Street Station

I know these kinds of incidents are an inevitable part of living in a big city, but it’s still scary when it actually happens on the streets that we walk on all the time. It’s difficult to look at the pictures in the news and recognise the area so well and see the chaos that happened on it. I can’t imagine the horror and distress experienced by all the innocent people at the scene who were just going about their normal lives in this beautiful city we live in, like we all do every day.

It’s unreasonable to live in fear and say we’re gonna avoid crowded places or big events etc to avoid being caught up in such an incident. I mean, how can you avoid walking across the street at a pedestrian crossing to get to a train station (which was what happened today)? I walk around the city and catch public transport almost every day. I love Melbourne. I love living in the CBD. It’s given so much to me and is always going to be home to me. If it’s my time, it’s my time. I would never move out due to fear of something happening. I will take the risk because it’s worth the joy and fulfillment of living here.

I sincerely hope everyone who has been injured in today’s incident makes a full recovery, and that all the people who witnessed the event are able to eventually heal from the trauma. Melbourne, I love you and am sorry you have to go through this. I’m sorry there are crazy people out there who keep wanting to hurt you. We will all just have to keep learning and keep doing our best to keep you safe. Together we are strong ❤

The 30-Day Personal Blog Challenge is a challenge to myself to consistently blog about my daily life for 30 days.

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