DAY 27: Shopkins D’lish Donut Build A Bear (30-Day Personal Blog Challenge)

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Today Miss 4.5 got a bear from Build A Bear as an early Christmas present from my parents. She has always been interested in getting one but I personally baulked at the thought of paying so much money for what I regarded to be just another soft toy. So when Grandma and Grandpa asked what she wanted for Christmas, the smart girl jumped at the opportunity and said “Build A Bear!”

She went to the shops intent on getting a rainbow bear, but instead ended up choosing a Shopkins D’lish Donut bear. Of course she had to get the Shopkins dress for it, along with rainbow shoes, a rainbow backpack, and a rainbow hairband! The bear also has a bubblegum scent and sings Frozen’s “Let It Go” when you press its paw. Needless to say, the end price of that was pretty atrocious. My parents did give her free rein though! I was pretty horrified when my husband, who had accompanied Miss 4.5, told me how much it cost. It just reaffirmed I would’ve never bought it for her. She’s lucky to have grandparents who love spoiling her! 


After seeing the process and Miss 4.5’s reaction to it all, I now see the appeal of a Build A Bear though. Yes it’s pricey, but the level of excitement the kids get from it is something I totally underestimated. Before getting it, I thought it would probably end up another soft toy Miss 4.5 would lose interest in after a while, but I now predict she will have a very long-lasting relationship with it, similar to her existing favourite teddy bear who has been her bedtime buddy for the last three years. She was so thrilled to go to the shops, choose her bear and dress it with accessories. She loved bringing it home and introducing it to her other toys and playing with them all. She usually gets excited by new toys of course, but this is next level. I’ve never seen her this enthusiastic before. I guess this bear really feels like her bear to her as she had a hand in its making. Initially I had said she couldn’t play with the bear until Christmas, but seeing how excited she was when she got it, I couldn’t deny her her joy.

I do like that the bear seems quite high quality so in some ways that makes the high price feel a bit better…not that I paid for it! It’s now the most expensive toy she owns. Jeepers, even her bike that we got her for Christmas didn’t cost as much! I’m glad she does appreciate the fact that it’s an expensive toy and is not taking it for granted at all. Thanks and no thanks, Mum and Dad, for spoiling my kids rotten 😁 What are grandparents for if not for that hey…

The 30-Day Personal Blog Challenge is a challenge to myself to consistently blog about my daily life for 30 days.

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