DAY 25: I Seem To Have Misplaced 2017 (30-Day Personal Blog Challenge)

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I posted last night about watching the aftermath of a car crash from my balcony. For the record, the cops managed to catch the offending driver. I’m really surprised they managed to nab him at all, let alone so quickly. Turns out the driver was really drunk so he didn’t get very far down the road before he pulled over and patrolling cops later noticed his smashed-up car, linked him back to the scene of the crime and charged him.

It’s the week before Christmas and Miss 4.5 is finishing up kindergarten…and I seriously need to finish my Christmas shopping. Where has my December gone? Where has my whole year gone? How is it almost Christmas? Is it really going to be 2018 already? I’m also surprised there’s only 5 days left to this blogging challenge. It’s flown by much faster than I thought it would! I have totally underestimated my ability to spew out nonsense at the end of the day when I’m half-asleep.


How is it Christmas time already?

Yesterday I attended my church’s annual Christmas production. It was difficult appreciating it when I was there with a very grumpy and very wriggly toddler. I ended up walking out halfway to let her run around outside. When we got home I then watched the next service streamed online while my husband (who was then back home from work) could wrangle the toddler. It was so much better watching it on TV where I could see and hear everything properly! We have some crazy talented actors and singers in our church. Blows my mind. It was a musical about a wife trying to forgive a guy who had killed her husband in a car accident. So moving I cried.

I used to dance so when I watch productions like these I do miss the days of putting on a show for an audience. There is something so satisfying about working together to achieve a common goal, and being able to touch people through performance art. Kids and life have just gotten in the way now. Without family around to help look after the kids, it’s not exactly realistic to be able to take part in something that requires so many rehearsals and likely late nights.  Maybe when they’re a bit older I can start thinking of ways to get back into dance again. That is, if I’m not super stiff and creaky. My husband and I actually attended a dance class as a date night a couple months ago when my parents were around to look after the kids. WE DIED. It’s just been so long seriously. Neither my body or brain works like it used to!

What is something you used to do but you don’t do anymore but you wish you still could do if you had the darn time to do it? 😁 Lets all try to try a little in 2018…somehow…we can only try!

The 30-Day Personal Blog Challenge is a challenge to myself to consistently blog about my daily life for 30 days.

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