DAY 24: Spying From My Balcony (30-Day Personal Blog Challenge)

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My night ended with a bang…literally. My husband and I were settling down for the night when we heard a super loud crashing noise on the street, followed by a car alarm being set off and the sound of a car speeding away. I would say we got our busybody selves out on our balcony pretty fast to check out the commotion, but we were greeted with no unusual sights. There weren’t any cars stopped in the middle of the road. There weren’t even any cars driving away or anything. Nothing looked wrong with the parked blue car whose alarm was set off.


Not actually our street, but there are cars parked like this all down our street

It took us quite a while of staring around to notice the blue car was a little out of its parking space, and was awfully close to the black car in front of it. There was an empty space in front of the black car which led us to deduce a car must have reversed into the black car with such force that it then pushed it into the blue car. That was only a logical guess though as we didn’t see the actual accident. The offending car had disappeared into the night by the time we got out on the balcony.

My husband then recognised the black car as belonging to a neighbour. So he called the neighbour to go check on his car and we then stood on the balcony watching things unfold from there like the two super nosy busybodies I promise we usually aren’t. I think what’s interesting about this case is that we’ll get to find out from the neighbour what happens after tonight, unlike an unusual incident that happened on our street a few months ago. Basically we heard a commotion on the street then and went to our balcony to see a car trying to drive off and a person literally hanging out the passenger side trying to stop the driver from doing so. The car eventually got away and a few people were just running after it screaming. They disappeared around the corner and we didn’t see them again. I assume the cops were involved but any further commotion happened off our street. Interestingly though, a couple hours later, that car then calmy returns to our street and parks there. We had no idea what went on. Was a robber trying to get off with the car but they were foiled and the car has now been returned? Was it a domestic issue? We’ll never know! Well, that’s the kind of entertain you get when you live in a city apartment!

If it isn’t car accidents we’re witnessing from our balconies, it’s amusing ourselves watching terrible parallel parkers trying to get into their spots (yes we really do that). Thankfully I don’t live too high up that I can see naked people walking around their apartments though, but I know people who live in 30-floor apartments (and some offices) who do. Please, all you home nudists, you may think no one is looking at you when you live high up, but there is always a building taller than yours in the city. For the love of God, close your blinds or invest in mirror-tinted windows!

The 30-Day Personal Blog Challenge is a challenge to myself to consistently blog about my daily life for 30 days.

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