DAY 17: Miss 4.5’s Act That Thawed My Icy Heart (30-Day Personal Blog Challenge)

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It’s been a really nice weekend with family over. Miss 21mo seems to have recently developed a fear of crowds though and has been screaming and clinging to me through every party/gathering. For some reason, it’s not been bothering me mentally/emotionally this weekend though, whereas obviously it would usually be quite straining having a crying clingy child stuck to me all day. Somehow I’m still sitting here at the end of the day feeling like my weekend has been great, even though by logic it shouldn’t feel this way since I’ve copped a good earful of screaming over it.

I guess just having loved ones around has helped in lifting my overall mood. Miss 4.5 has also been having a blast with everyone around her and I haven’t had to fret over having to entertain her, so that’s obviously contributed as well.

To top it off, in a quiet moment before dinner today, Miss 4.5 started doing some art on her own and made something really touching. All her art supplies are accessible to her so she quietly got her own paper, markers, and stickers, and was just doing her own thing at her little table and chair. It was only at the end when she asked for “two pieces of sticky tape” that I came over and noticed she was making some sort of card or letter. Still, I thought it was for herself and didn’t think anything of it until she asked where was somewhere I “go to a lot” in our house. “Um…the bedroom or bathroom?” I replied. Later on, I went into the bathroom and found a lovely little sealed orange card for me sitting on the counter top. There was also a smaller sealed purple card inside. (Note: I have pixelated out some areas where she wrote her name)


It was very very touching. Miss 4.5 has never done anything like this before. I was moved that she thought to do this on her own and was not prompted at all. Unlike some other mums who often gush on social media about how much they love being a mum, I rarely have moments where I feel motherhood is truly worth it…but I guess this was such a moment. It really did thaw my ice cold heart and made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I guess this is what it feels like to be a normal human being with normal, unsuppressed  emotions 😂 

The 30-Day Personal Blog Challenge is a challenge to myself to consistently blog about my daily life for 30 days.

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