Shaving Cream Messy Play Ideas

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Shaving cream/foam is such a simple way to entertain the kids when you’re stuck indoors. All you need is a cheap can of shaving cream/foam and some food colouring or paint. We use Micador easy-to-wash paints for easy clean up. 


This is a fun opportunity for the kids to experiment with colour mixing and create “puffy paint”. Miss 4.5 loves mixing all the colours up in little cups or bowls.

You can just let the kids get their hands in it and enjoy the feel of the shaving cream as a sensory activity, or give them a piece of paper to paint on with fingers or a paintbrush, Miss 4.5 also loves using this stuff to paint patterns on her arms and legs with a paintbrush!


For a (slightly) less messy experience, you could squirt the shaving cream out in tray to try to contain the mess (if that’s actually possible). Here Miss 4.5 has drizzled paints over her tray of “clouds” and is mixing it up with a bamboo skewer/satay stick to create different colour combinations.


Other ideas for shaving cream play:

  • Give them cooking utensils to scoop and mix with
  • Mix in different textures- cotton balls, sprinkles, sequins, water beads etc.
  • Stack bowls or containers together to make a “cake”, give them a spatula, and let them make “frosting” with food colouring or paint to ice and decorate the cake with.
  • Give them cups, ice cream cones and sprinkles to make “ice cream” with
  • Paint on a different surface other than paper- aluminium foil, a mirror etc…maybe even a window if you are brave! You could also just pop them in the bathtub and let them paint the bathtub walls (just be warned it can get slippery!) so you can bathe them straight after!
  • Make a winter wonderland by giving them some cold climate animal figurines (penguins, polar bears, seals etc) to play with
  • Make a snowman with cut-out paper orange triangles and black circles. Cotton balls might help the construction too.
  • Make it a treasure hunt! Hide little items in it that they have to dig for and find! For a preschool twist, you can hide items that only begin with certain letters, or hide plastic letters and numbers in it to match up with whatever lesson you’re doing.
  • Doesn’t have to be fancy- just add in any of their favourite plastic toys to give their usual play a twist e.g. animals, construction vehicles etc. Miss 4.5 loves putting her Shopkins into all her sensory activities!

What is your favourite way to play with shaving cream?

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