DAY 10: New Glasses & Gotcha Days (30-Day Personal Blog Challenge)

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Oh hi. Just me with my new glasses. Frizzy hair and greasy skin. Sick toddler napping on me in the carrier. Just keeping it real, peoples.


I really only had to get new glasses because said toddler broke my old pair and the pair I was wearing from two prescriptions ago is now way too high in power for me. Kids can break your stuff (and your will to live) but apparently having them can somehow reduce your eye power (so the optometrist says). I’m putting that down to the fact that I’m just no longer in front of a computer screen all day, squinting at a blackboard/whiteboard or projector screen in school, or reading books for long periods in dim light late at night…because I HAZ NO LYFE thanks to said kids.

Recently, I have very strangely gotten into watching adoption videos on YouTube. My 4.5-year-old watches vlogs on YouTube and she has used my phone to do this, so one day I went into YouTube and a particular family’s channel just came up in the suggestions. I clicked into it because it was about them adopting a child from China and it sounded interesting. From that video I learned that these adoption days are often called “Gotcha Day”.  From there, I fell down the rabbit hole of watching all these Gotcha Day videos that people post on YouTube.

My husband kind of rolls his eyes whenever I tell him I’ve been watching adoption videos…to him, it’s like why do you watch these videos that make you cry/emotional? I guess it’s how men can’t understand why girls watch chick flicks or sad movies. I think what captivates me is just seeing the moment a child’s life is changed forever. Seeing the emotion on the parents’ faces when they meet this child they have fought for so long. To them, the child has already been their son/daughter for the year or so it takes for the adoption process to go through, but to the child, they are meeting total strangers and are usually confused and terrified, totally unaware that their lives are going to be changed forever for the better. I think it’s this mash of polar emotions and human vulnerability that is so intriguing. I then love watching followup videos or finding blog updates where you can see how well the child has integrated into their new family. It’s just warm and fuzzy emotions all around. For sure it also makes you appreciate your own kids a bit more and think how blessed they are to have always known a parent’s love. Search for Gotcha Days on YouTube at your own risk!

Today Miss 21mo is still pretty sick. It’s been hard seeing her so grumpy as she’s usually a happy little thing. In the last couple days, she’s cried so much her voice is hoarse now. She’s also been demanding the iPad all day and I was starting to worry about how much she was on it. But tonight for the last hour before bed, all of a sudden she had this “lucid moment” where she transformed  back into her normal self and was just pottering about playing with toys on her own. It made me feel so relieved to know her usual bubbly, independent self was still  somewhere in there and the iPad addiction is likely temporary while she’s been sick as it probably helps distract her from her discomfort.

Tomorrow is Miss 4.5’s graduation from kindergarten! Here in Australia, kindergarten is up to 4/5 years old and prep which is the foundation year of primary school starts at 5/6. I don’t know how December just crept up on me like that! Where did my year just go? Is it really gonna be Christmas soon? And a new year? And my oldest child is starting school? And I’m soon gonna have a 5-year-old and 2-year-old? When did my babies stop being babies??? Well, to be honest I’m not complaining because I actually am not a fan of the baby stage (so looking forward to Miss 21mo being able to talk more!), but I reckon in a year’s time I will probably start wishing time would slow down a bit!

The 30-Day Personal Blog Challenge is a challenge to myself to consistently blog about my daily life for 30 days.

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