DAY 9: Sick Toddler, Storms & Birds (30-Day Personal Blog Challenge)

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Today we got the storm we’ve all been waiting for. I still wouldn’t call it a “10/10” though, at least not in the CBD anyway. There was a disappointing lack of thunder or lightning, but still a good dose of windy rain. It seems the CBD has managed to evade the brunt of the storm but there are some country towns getitng hit bad. Apparently everyone has been giving the weather bureau a lot of hate for predicting an apocalyptic-sounding storm that didn’t live up to the hype. Well, better safe than sorry I guess!

Have you ever wondered where birds go when it storms? The answer is…MY BALCONY. You would think they would just hole themselves up somewhere but apparently not…There is a group of birds who have pretty much adopted us since discovering our massive pile of bird seeds that Miss 21mo loves to play with (pic of the usual state of my balcony below). Even in the nonstop rain, I will look up and see them struggling through the elements to fly to our balcony. I actually feel touched they would do that! I almost feel like we should set up some kind of shelter for them out there to nest in.

Bird seedWhat our balcony usually looks like with lots of bird seed- pic taken on a sunny day a few weeks ago

Miss 21mo is super sick and tired today so it’s been a bit of struggle town. She has just been clinging to me and crying all day. She took two naps today instead of her usual one- on me of course- and now it’s nighttime and she’s still in the carrier on me! Considering Miss 21mo’s mood today, Miss 4.5 has actually been surprisingly tolerant which definitely helps. I mean, I just mentioned in yesterday’s post that she has actually been jealous of Miss 21mo lately! Well, it was a good day for her to decide to revert back to her normal cheery self that’s for sure. Otherwise I’m not sure I would’ve survived today as my husband has been working the whole day. She did lots of independent play today and even took a decent nap and went to bed at night with minimal resistance. Thank God something went right today!

The 30-Day Personal Blog Challenge is a challenge to myself to consistently blog about my daily life for 30 days.

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