DAY 8: Storms, Rainbow Clouds & Sibling Jealousy (30-Day Personal Blog Challenge)

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The first thing Miss 4.5 said when she woke up today was: “Is it the first day of summer???”

“Yes!” I replied and her face lit up with excitement, probably at the thought of all the fun things you can do in summer like swimming and going to the beach and not having to wear jackets…NEVERMIND that the last two weeks of spring have already been crazy hot and she’s already been able to all that…because it wasn’t really summer y’know!

“Anyway,” I added. “Today there is gonna be lots of rain and thunderstorms and flooding…and for the next couple days too.” Whooooo…! 

The expression I got in reply: 😑😑


Watching rain fall on our balcony

So…there has been so much hoohah over this supposed “10/10” storm that was meant to sweep into Melbourne today. We were told it was an “unprecedented” event and we would get “a season’s rain in 3 days” and “roads will be turned into rivers”. People were warned not to go out if they didn’t have to, and heaps of events across the city were cancelled or postponed. Anddddd…it’s nearly midnight on Friday and so far this storm has been a no show, at least in the CBD (rain was forecast to start at 6am, with the worst sweeping through over lunchtime). If I was an organiser who had to cancel an event tonight, I would be P-I-S-S-E-D. There was some rain during lunchtime but nothing too heavy. There was also hardly any wind by Melbourne standards. I was actually out and about with the two kids and we were fine- no umbrellas blowing over and no rivers to walk through…and we were actually in a low-lying, flood-prone area of the city. Well, we’ll see what tomorrow brings!

So since there wasn’t much of a thunderstorm outside, we made some clouds inside, albeit fluffy rainbow ones:


I sprayed shaving foam/cream into a tray and let Miss 4.5 drizzle paint all over it, then swirl it together with a bamboo skewer (a.k.a. satay stick). She loved making different colour combinations. Even I enjoyed this one. The foam felt much heavier than I expected on the skewer and you could really swirl it up into a big imaginary cumulonimbus cloud. It was mesmorising.


Miss 21mo is pretty sick at the moment. She’s snotty, coughing, having diarrhoea and refusing to eat anything. Just getting Panadol into her was quite the challenge. She was actually kind of okay for most of the day but she had a second nap in the late afternoon and when she woke, she just wouldn’t stop screaming. Not even the iPad could console her which says how distressed she was. Normally getting her hands on the iPad is like getting gold to her. So she was screaming and clinging to me and that turned Miss 4.5 into a insecure, clingy mess too.

A new thing we’ve been dealing with lately is Miss 4.5’s jealously. She has suddenly started saying things like “Why are you paying attention to E (Miss 21mo), but not to me?” or complaining that things are “unfair”. Previously she has never shown much jealously, even during the newborn days when most older siblings struggle to adjust to their new siblings. I think the issue is that since they are now older she sees Miss 21mo as less of a baby and more equal to her, so suddenly things have to be “fair” between them. So during days like today where Miss 21mo is sick and needs me more, things can get pretty challenging. An irrational switch seems to get flipped in Miss 4.5’s head and she will start whining “I want Mummy” and literally start clinging to me…and I will then have two screaming kids jostling for my lap.

After literally having my life sucked out of me by these two little vampires today, it’s no surprise it was a Dominos pizza kinda night!

The 30-Day Personal Blog Challenge is a challenge to myself to consistently blog about my daily life for 30 days.

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