DAY 7: Heatwaves, Meltdowns & Storm Forecasts (30-Day Personal Blog Challenge)

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I am wilting in this prolonged heat that Melbourne has been having. The next week is forecast to be a lot cooler though and I’m looking forward to it…minus the deluge of rain and lightning that’s about to hit us over the next few days! I get around by foot and public transport, so non-stop heavy rain is not great for me, especially with two young kids.

Miss 4.5 was well enough for school today, though she was a little on the grumpy side getting there. Bathtime was a meltdown affair tonight since she obviously didn’t get to nap, which she has been doing for the last few days that she has been unwell. My husband took on bath duty tonight, and all I could hear was her screaming while I put Miss 21mo to bed. I’m surprised he didn’t blow an eardrum…probably blew his sanity fuse though!

Miss 21mo was snotty and coughing today. The weather was so hot though that I thought a little fountain run at the park after dropping Miss 4.5 at school couldn’t hurt. 


It is strange how much she loves water play when she usually hates baths 🤨With the heat, hayfever, and flies at the park, I was the one dying while she enjoyed the fountains. On the way home, I bribed her with a lollipop to sit in the pram as I didn’t want to carry her in the heat, but when we got on the tram of course there had to be a crying kid, and it totally set Miss 21mo off and she started screaming too…what a waste of a good bribe 😑 So standing in this packed sweaty tram I had to pull the Ergo carrier out of my bag, put it on, get Miss 21mo out of the pram and into the carrier…all while trying not to fall over while the tram hurtles forward at full force. Story of my life!

I was beyond sleepy today from all the broken sleep I’ve been having with the kids being sick, but I forced myself to really play with Miss 21mo (instead of just turning on the TV) since we had that one-on-one time with Miss 4.5 being at school. We sang songs, danced, read books…just all those normal things you did all the time with your first child but now have become “special activities” with your second child 😅 Since she was sick, she ended up taking a late second nap anyway, and I totally passed out with her. So far tonight, it’s not looking like there’s any improvement on the sleep front so I better end this here. Interested to see what tomorrow’s “severe weather warning” brings…

The 30-Day Personal Blog Challenge is a challenge to myself to consistently blog about my daily life for 30 days.

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