DAY 5: Mashed Potatoes, Play Dough & Sick Kids (30-Day Personal Blog Challenge)

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So last night Miss 4.5 asked for mashed potatoes. 

Mashed potatoes

Not my pic but you can imagine it

Me: “We don’t have any potatoes.”
Her: “Aw…I really want mashed potatoes.”
Me: “I will get some potatoes at the supermarket tomorrow and I’ll make it for dinner tomorrow.”


Her: “Can we have mashed potatoes for dinner tonight?”
Me: “Of course!”

Presenting dinner tonight:

Me: “Mashed potatoes!”
Her: “I don’t want it. I only want the meat.”

FOR REALS, CHILD???  Okay, so yes she is sick and her tastebuds are screwed up and she’s not eating as much as she usually does, but still I was pissed because she had requested it. Anyway, it was a good dinner. At least my husband and I enjoyed it 🙄. I wish I could say this was “toddler logic” but seriously she’s not even a toddler anymore 🤨 For the last few days, she has really been sick and clingy and it’s testing my sanity a bit. She is extra tired which makes her irrational, resists naps, but then falls asleep on the couch in the late afternoon. She is waking heaps at night and is constantly asking for me over my husband. And when she so much as whimpers, Miss 21mo will start screaming too in a wonderful display of solidarity and sisterly love 🙄

To perk her up a bit, I whipped up some play dough in neapolitan ice cream shades in the morning for a fun little invitation to play:


Obviously she enjoyed this activity. I gave them some real ice cream cones to play with and Miss 21mo didn’t try to eat anything so I think that makes it quite the success. If you want to know how to make neapolitan ice cream play dough, read my previous post.

So that was a bit of fun but as Miss 4.5 got tired over the day, things started going downhill…and it all culminated in her having her first ever nosebleed before bed. She completely freaked out over the sight of all the blood and it was hard trying to keep her calm while having to pinch her nose and wipe the blood off her face and hands all at the same time (of course this all has to happen when my husband isn’t home). I used to have frequent nosebleeds as a child so this wasn’t foreign territory to me, but it was still a bit scary for me seeing so much blood on my own child. Obviously the bleeding eventually stopped, but it was still hard trying to calm her down and stop her from crying, and of course in the midst of this, Miss 21mo wakes and needs to be resettled…and there I am trying to resettle her while Miss 4.5 is crying for me. It kind of brought me back to the newborn days!

And now as I’m writing this Miss 21mo is waking heaps and I’m suspecting she has caught whatever it is her sister has. Sigh…fun times being a parent…

The 30-Day Personal Blog Challenge is a challenge to myself to consistently blog about my daily life for 30 days.

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