DAY 4: Engagement, Marriage & Eye Checkups (30-Day Personal Blog Challenge)

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Tonight my poor laptop dropped from the desk onto the carpet and part of the screen shattered…along with my heart 😥 It still works but I have to put sticky tape on the edge that has literally shattered into a million pieces as glass dust comes off whenever I touch it. I now have to carry it around like a newborn baby.

And in other news…Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged. I can’t help but think about how she is literally giving up her entire life for him. Not only is she giving up her career, but she is marrying into a family that has all these rules about how you have to live your life. Maybe I would’ve thought this was romantic when I was younger, but now being in my thirties and knowing how tough marriage and kids is…I feel like holding up a sign saying “DON’T DO IT”. Live your own life! Keep your own identity!


Marriage isn’t about two halves coming together to make a whole, it’s about two wholes coming together to live an extraordinary life. Anything less and you will struggle because your partner is not perfect and it’s unrealistic to expect that they can complete you. Only you can complete you and fulfill your own needs. Anyway, I’m babbling on. To be fair, I don’t know what kind of people they are and have no idea what their situation is. I hope I’m just being a sleep-deprived negative nancy…and that things really are great for them and will work out in the long run.

Miss 4.5 is still sick today and couldn’t go to school. Initially I felt like she was putting it on a bit and still started getting her ready for school in the morning, but then my husband pulled out the thermometer on her and said she still had a fever so…home it was, reluctantly so. I had made an appointment to have an eye checkup to get new glasses as my husband was off from work and I thought it would be easy for him to drop Miss 4.5 at school and let Miss 1.5 loose on the playground…but instead he was stuck at home with two extremely whiny kids while I had to go out.

Why did I have to get new glasses? Because Miss 1.5 DESTROYED my old pair. With it being hayfever season, it sometimes gets quite irritating for me to wear contact lens for long periods of time during the day, so I really needed a good pair of glasses to wear. My vision has been a bit blurry lately and I thought my power had gone up, but lo and behold  after the eye checkup, I found out it was really the opposite case. Over the last few years, my power has actually been steadily dropping. Now, you might think that sounds great but I’m thinking “Is this a sign that I’m getting old? Am I slowly going from nearsighted to longsighted???” I’m also constantly pulling out white hair from my head now, no thanks to white hair genes from my dad and two crazy kids.

After I came back home from the eye checkup and running errands, my husband opened the door and announced “The kids are still alive”. I looked at him and asked, “Yea but are YOU?” I love my husband and he honestly is a fantastic dad, but our roles are still quite traditional in that I handle the home and the kids and he works and provides for us. On the outside, he’s amazing with kids, but on the inside he struggles emotionally when he has to put up with them for long periods of time (to be fair, so do I!). I am okay about our roles because he is not chauvinistic about it. It’s not like he comes home from work and goes off to his man cave to drink beer and watch footy. He will always help when I ask him to. He always steps in when he can see that I’m struggling. His working hours are long and he also has to study for exams that are coming up in a couple months’ time, so I’m trying to handle the kids as much as I can (without losing my sanity) to give him a little space to study or rest.

Okay folks, it’s nearly midnight and I still have to shower and hang the laundry (I live in an apartment so I hang the laundry in our spare room…just in case you’re thinking I’m mad for hanging laundry at this time of day). Toodle-oo!

The 30-Day Personal Blog Challenge is a challenge to myself to consistently blog about my daily life (like the good ‘ol student days) for 30 days.

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