DAY 2: Fever, Eczema & Christmas Trees (30-Day Personal Blog Challenge)

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Miss 4.5 has been running a fever today. She took some Panadol when she woke at 2am last night, but for some reason then refused it for the rest of the day, even though she usually loves taking it. We had a birthday part to attend in the middle of the day which meant Miss 21mo (who now has one nap around noon) was napping on me in 30°C weather. She napped for about an hour which was decent but still half the length that she normally takes, so along with a sick preschooler, I had two grumpy kids on my hands.

We’re at the tail end of spring in Australia, and it’s been unusually hot already. We’ve just been having 30°C days in a row with no breaks, and it`s been horrible for Miss 21mo’s eczema. When she was younger, she mostly just had bad flareups on her face and tended to scratch only when she slept, so wearing the Scratch Me Not sleeves for sleeps really helped that situation. However, now that she is older and the weather is the warmest she has ever experienced in her life, we’re having issues with her scratching her body when she is awake. The poor girl has scabs all over her arms and legs from scratching herself bloody. She will literally rub her arms on the carpet to scratch them! So we’ve probably been racking up our electricity bill by having to turn on the aircon for most of the day so we can put her in long sleeves and pants when we’re at home. Obviously when we’re out we have no choice but to put her in short sleeves and shorter pants lest she overheat, but being out usually provides enough distraction that she doesn’t scratch as much. We do use steroid cream for bad flareups but we try not to use it unless really necessary as it thins out the skin in the long run. We apply moisturising cream on her face and body throughout the day.

Today we put up our little Christmas tree, but my husband unfortunately seems to have left the electricity plug for the lights at his storage facility, so it is light-less for now. Last year, Miss 21mo wasn’t walking yet so we managed to keep the Christmas tree out of her reach by popping it on a stool. This year unfortunately she is walking, climbing, and tall enough to get her hands on everything and was very keen on tasting the baubles and picking all the sprinkles out of this doughtnut ornament:


Throwback to Christmas 2016 when a then Miss 2.5 decided a doughnut on top of Christmas tree was far better than a star or angel

Miss 21mo achieved a new milestone today- figuring out how to press the “back” button on the ABC Kids iView app on my phone (ABC Kids is the toddler/preschool TV channel in Australia) 😂! So now she can click in and out of shows to her heart’s content without having to grab my hand all the time (her way of asking me to help her). Some days I feel so guilty for how technogically savvy she is…other days I’m like stuff it I need technology to help me get through my day. As much as I look at all these TV-free Montessori kids on Instagram patiently beading and counting things and think my goodness how I wish my kids could be like that…I just don’t think I have it in me to live without TV! I do try to do as many activities with them as I can muster together and we go out and play heaps…so I constantly try to tell myself not to feel too bad about it. There are just some moments and some days where someone is sick and grumpy and TV just makes life that much easier!

Miss 21mo can say heaps now but for some reason is still refusing to say “Mummy” or “Daddy”. She doesn’t even say “yes” or “no”. But she can count numbers, say the alphabet, and name all the animals, colours, and food etc…It’s so perplexing. Miss 4.5 was so different at that same age. They are complete opposites. Miss 4.5 was speaking in sentences and could quietly sit by the side of the lake feeding ducks. Miss 21mo still doesn’t even say “Mummy” and will still run straight for the lake to get INTO it if she sees one. No one can tell her what to do or what not to do! In that sense, Miss 21mo still sometimes feel like a baby. I remember feeling Miss 4.5 was so grown up at this age. By then she could understand what birthdays were and was so excited for her 2nd birthday. She was looking forward to the cake and presents, and already knew how to blow candles. On the other hand, I really doubt Miss 21mo will have any clue what’s going on come her 2nd birthday! 

The husband is on night shift tonight and my sick preschooler is making tonight very, um, interesting. She woke up earlier and I managed to convince her to take some Panadol so fingers crossed the rest of the night isn’t too crazy for me!

The 30-Day Personal Blog Challenge is a challenge to myself to consistently blog about my daily life (like the good ‘ol student days) for 30 days.

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