Ice Skating @ O’Brien Group Arena, Docklands

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Thanks to Frozen, my 3.5-year-old has been dying to ice skate. Of course, she had no idea how hard it was going to be. And I don’t think my husband was quite prepared for the challenge of taking her either!


We went to the O’Brien Group Areana at Docklands on Tight Tuesday where tickets were all $11 each (wiith skate hire usually $27 for an adult, $23 for 6-14 years, and $14 for 3-5 years). We got a handy little helper seal which is usually $5 for half an hour but since it was a weekday and Miss A was literally the only young kid there, they didn’t enforce the time limit on us. The kids can either hold on to the seal’s tail (pushing it along like an old person using a walker) or sit on it while an adult pushes them around.

The verdict was…well, there is a reason why the minimum age is 3. In fact, it should probably be higher because this 3-year-old had NO LEGS on ice, even with the seal! Heck, they can’t even run straight on normal ground half the time. There were some smiles but probably more crying and frustration than anything. But I’m glad at least she found out how hard ice skating was and that she will probably stop bugging us to go ice skating now that she has had a taste of it!

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