Scratch Me Not Review: Anti-Scratch Sleeves for Eczema

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When Miss E is sleepy, she tends to scratch her face or rub her face into me or the bed as she is rolling around trying to get comfortable. We used to flip up the mittens of her Bonds onesies when she went to bed so that she can’t scratch herself into a bloody mess but I found the cotton/polyester material was still abrasive for her face. Not to mention, sometimes she would manage to get a finger or two out of the mitten if she tried hard enough. So I went online and searched for silk mittens that she could wear at sleep time.


We got these ones called Scratch Me Not. What I liked about them was that they are not just mittens, but a sleeved/shrug design. This means it’s really hard for them to get out of! And it also means they can wear it as a cute little shrug with the sleeves opened up when out and about. When they need to sleep or are scratching, you can flip the end of the sleeves and it turns into silk mittens. Obviously these flip mittens are much bigger in size than the ones on onesies, so it’s pretty much impossible for them to get any fingers out of them.

Sleeves open for free hands

You can get them in a variety of colours and sizes from newborn to 6 years. The Australian store we got them from was unfortunately sold out of a lot of sizes and colours. There were none in Miss E’s size at all so I went bigger and got 12-month ones. The only colour available for that was grey but I didn’t mind that. I think for sleeves, you can’t go wrong with going bigger. Obviously the arms are a bit long for her so it just means she can’t really wear the shrug with the sleeves open yet but this doesn’t really matter when it’s in mitten mode which is the important part.

Sleeves closed for sleepytime

We’ve been using these sleeves for a week so far and it’s going great!  The silk mittens are nice and soft on the skin and I don’t feel so bad to let her self soothe now. In fact, for the last few days she’s been really good with putting herself to sleep first thing at night. She tosses a bit, rubs a bit, then goes to sleep instead of getting more aggravated like she used to!

Highly recommended if you have a scratcher! (Or you want to put an end to other habits like thumb sucking, hair pulling etc)

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