Toddler Activities: Universe in a Bag

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Letting your kids play with paint in a Ziploc bag is an activity which you can see all over the internet and for good reason- it is simple, entertaining, and -as long as you pray for good fortune from the Ziploc gods- mess free too.

Paint bag

Just squeeze paint into a Ziploc bag, seal it up (add sticky tape if you’re paranoid), and let them go for their life at it- poking, squishing, writing and drawing in it with their finger etc. Okay maybe remind them not to be too rough, because, you know, making holes in a bag full of paint is not going to make Mummy’s afternoon. You can also stick the bags to a table or window with sticky tape if you like.

In this case, Miss A chose her own paints and squeezed it out into the bag herself. After she was done squishing it around and playing with it, I suddenly noticed it kind of looked like a universe in a bag!

Paint bag2

Pretty cool, hey? There are times when I feel incredibly inspired by her art, and this is definitely one of those moments!