Green Smoothie for Veggie-Hating Kids

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We drink a lot of smoothies in our house and our favourite recipe is a very green one we call “Dino Buzz”!


It basically gets its name from Miss A’s favourite Boost Juice smoothie Banana Buzz which consists of banana, ice, vanilla yoghurt, honey, and milk. After finding out what the ingredients were, we started recreating it at home.

To make it more nutritious, we began adding spinach and calling it “Dino Buzz”. All things green are called dino-something in our house to justify the green colour (inspiration from the Peppa Pig smoothie episode where George gets a “dinosaur smoothie”)! I find the banana plus vanilla yoghurt makes the smoothie sweet enough so the honey can be left out.Smoothie1


1 serve 

  • 1 frozen banana (add ice if using fresh)
  • 1 big handful fresh spinach
  • 1/2 cup vanilla yoghurt (we use Jalna as it is pot set and full fat)
  • 1/2 cup milk

Blend until smooth!

We make so many smoothies that we invested in a NutriBullet. It blends everything super smooth and the cup is massive and can make 2 serves. Worth the money! (We got ours from Costco….who also sells 2 kg tubs of Jalna yoghurt for only $7)

Miss A doesn’t mind spinach in her smoothies (though she hates eating veggies!) but if your kid is adverse to the green you can be sneaky and serve it in a coloured plastic cup with a lid like the reusable Boost Juice kids’ cup (with a colored straw or reusable metal straw) where you can’t actually see the colour of the smoothie. You really can’t taste the spinach so you can just say it’s a banana smoothie. You could also try making it more appealing by freezing it as a popsicle. If all fails, try adding some berries to mask the colour.

This is going a bit off topic but if you need to be extra sneaky with blending spinach into a smoothie, I have done a “black forest smoothie” with Milo, frozen blueberries (okay I know it’s meant to be cherries but it kind of ends up with the same taste), spinach and milk. Definitely can’t see the spinach there. Just a warning if your kid is still in nappies though- lots of blueberries and spinach equals black poop!

And on that note…enjoy hah!

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