Ear Muffs for Babies

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If like me you’re constantly babywearing your little ones for naps, consider getting baby ear muffs so you don’t have to always creep around like a mouse!
Ear muffs

We use Em’s 4 Bubs ear muffs which you can get online. The band on these ear muffs comes in a range of colours and fashionable patterns. We got this pair before having our first daughter Miss A so we went for gender neutral boring white.

The ear muffs were designed for hearing protection so are great for concerts, church services, fireworks, motorsport events etc. When Miss A was 7 weeks old we attended a crazy loud Vietnamese wedding and she wore these and slept through the entire thing!

If you are desperate to get them RIGHT NOW, there are also a few physical stores that sell them (as listed on their website). We bought the kids’ version of the ear muffs Em’s 4 Kids at the Melbourne University Audiology Clinic two years ago.

I live in the city and there is always plenty of noise around to wake sleeping kids when I’m out and about- honking cars, construction work, screeching trams, emergency vehicle sirens, loud music etc. When Miss E was younger she used to sleep better through these noises but now will jump up awake if something is loud enough. It’s been great having the ear muffs to help her sleep longer on the go. Even at home, they are fantastic for allowing me to get chores done around the house and also to block out all the noise Miss A makes.

Just to clarify- this is not a plugged post at all. I just like sharing about products that have genuinely changed my life in hope it can help another struggling parent out there! Got to share them survival tips in this tough world called parenthood! These ear muffs have really helped me get on with my life so I highly recommend them!

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