Winter Activities @ Docklands (2016)

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I love living in Melbourne city because there are always so many family-friendly events and places to take the kids to! Case in point: There are always lots of good things to do in Docklands during winter!


In July and August, Docklands puts on a 10-minute firework display every Friday at 7.30pm. There is some entertainment on before and after as well, like salsa classes! It’s a bit of a ritual for us to see the fireworks and get ice cream on the pier afterwards. This is a yearly event.


Snow Play

On the ground floor of Harbour Town Shopping Centre (which now has roofing installed by the way) is a “snow play dome” which also runs until the end of August (Fri from 4pm, Sat and Sun from 11am). You queue up and go in for a play in batches. When time is up, the staff member blows a whistle and you have to exit, though you are free to join the queue again to have another go. They provide buckets, spades and rakes etc to play with.

Snow play dome

Just be careful not to get hit in the face by snowballs being thrown by rowdy kids- that really happened to Miss A’s friend which was not pleasant!

Snow play dome 2

Bouncy/Jumping Castles

On the first floor of Harbour Town just above the snow play dome are bouncy castles (open at noon). There are three of them inside a vacant lot. The great thing about it being on the first floor is not that many people seem to be aware of it!

Bouncy castles

We were right there waiting when the doors opened so Miss A and her friend had a good few minutes of being all on their own. Eventually some other kids trickled in but it never really got too crazy. 


Permanent Structures

While you’re in the area, there are also lots of other play areas in Harbour Town like this one below:


Not to mention, there are tons of weird statues and structures all around Docklands which kids love climbing and playing on. Ron Barassi park which has an awesome outdoor playground is also next to Harbour Town. We spent almost 4 hours playing in the Docklands area one morning and couldn’t even finish doing it all before Miss A totally crashed and needed a nap.

Good times being a toddler in the city!

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