The Little Yellow Mummy

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Mummy and Miss A

Once upon a time there was a little yellow Mummy who lived in an apartment in the city. She had one husband, two kids, and a little noisy dog.

One day the little yellow Mummy found some clothes on the ground.  She asked her family, “Who will help me wash this laundry?”

“Not I,” said the husband who has never even turned on the washing machine in his life.

“Not I,” said the kids whose jobs were to make as much mess as physically possible.

“Not I,” said the old senile dog who will intentionally pee on the carpet if you don’t give him enough love.

“Then I will,” said the little yellow Mummy. So the little yellow Mummy did the laundry all by herself.

When all the laundry was washed, dried and folded, the little yellow Mummy asked her family who will help me clean the house?

“Not I,” said the husband who had to go to work.

“Not I,” said the kids who were too busy playing.

“Not I,” said the dog who was too busy sleeping.

“Then I will,” said the little yellow Mummy. So the little yellow Mummy cleaned the house all by herself.

When the entire house was cleaned, the little yellow Mummy asked her family “Who will help me make dinner?”

“Not I,” said the husband who had to go work up a sweat at the gym because he can.

“Not I,” said the kids who will likely reject said dinner later even though you’ve just slaved for an hour over the stove making said dinner as delicious and secretly nutritious as possible.

“Not I,” said the dog whose only interest in life is eating said dinner that the kids will likely not eat.

“Then I will,” said the little yellow Mummy. So the little yellow Mummy made dinner all by herself.

When dinner was ready, the little yellow Mummy asked her family, “Who will help me eat the dinner?”

“I will,” said the hungry husband.

“I hate dinner,” said the fussy kids.

“ME! ME!” said the barking dog 100 times in succession at the highest pitch ever.

“No!” said the little yellow Mummy. “I will.” And the little yellow Mummy locked herself in the bathroom and ate her dinner all by herself.

* Adapted from The Little Red Hen Story from Enchanted Learning

(Changed red to yellow for obvious reasons. Don’t be offended by my self-racism hah!)


Hand over heart, this is honestly how I feel sometimes! Yes I’m blessed to have kids. Yes I’m blessed with an amazing husband. BUT it doesn’t mean I have to love them all the time! Sometimes you just have moments in parenthood where you just want to say screw all this being positive and grateful schmuck. At the end of the day, I am human and I do get tired, irritated, depressed, and resentful too. I do want to hide away and eat a bucket of ice cream. I do want to shout and cry myself. I do want to sit back and watch the world implode if I don’t lift a finger for a day.

No matter how amazing and perfect some mothers look on social media, we all have bad moments. I know I have plenty of them. This thing called parenthood- it’s hard. It’s relentless. And sometimes no, it doesn’t actually feel worth it. I know what helps me get by is knowing I’m not alone in this. So I hope this helps you. You don’t have to be perfect all the time. It’s okay if you question your decision to have kids. You are allowed to feel like giving up. Sometimes just surrending to those emotions, eating chocolate, and asking your partner/friend/neighbour/TV/iPad to watch the kids for at least 10 minutes while you lie down and pretend you don’t have kids…is all you need to muster up just that little bit of strength to keep going another day.

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