Need a Good Laugh? Read this hilarious parenting/breastfeeding comic that is too real!

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Growing up, Baby Blues was my favourite comic. It featured in our local newspaper and I would always look for it and read it first. Then as a mother, I rediscovered it online and saw all the jokes in a whole new light. I never realised how much breastfeeding featured in it! The parenting jokes are also pretty spot-on.

Baby Blues

For all you breastfeeding and overworked stay-at-home mums out there- it is hilarious to browse through the comic strips on their website when you are feeling blue and just need a pick-me-up! Just a warning that there are some anti-formula jokes in a couple though so don’t read them if you’re particularly sensitive about that.

Click HERE for all the breastfeeding-related comic strips on the Baby Blues website!