NEVER Get Your Nails Done With A Toddler!

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A few weeks ago, my 3-year-old was acting up a bit and being very clingy. My husband and I thought that maybe it was because she hadn’t been spending enough quality time with me (difficult to do considering I have a baby attached to me for most of the day). So my husband offered to look after the baby while Miss A and I had a fun morning together.

A friend suggested Miss A and I do our nails as a girly bonding activity to which my initial reaction was N-O (I don’t do girly) but my husband thought it was a fantastic idea and Miss A was excited to try it. So I relented.


I planned a morning of all her favourite things like eating macarons which you would think would put her in a great mood but NO…in typical irrational toddler fashion, it turned out to be a bit of a disaster morning.

All morning she kept whining and asking when she was going to get her nails done but then when she was actually in the chair at the shop, she declared she didn’t want to be there and started having a hissy fit…which eventually resulted in her lying on the floor crying and intentionally ruining her just-painted nails (oh yes it happened). Luckily the girls at the shop were really nice and redid her nails…and only charged me $5 all up for her.

It was just so frustrating that there I was trying to have a nice morning and showering her with attention and treats (and doing my nails for her) to try to FIX the crankiness, but it was all just backfiring and making her MORE cranky. Well, at least we established it wasn’t because she was feeling disconnected to me so that took away some of the “Mummy guilt” that you feel when you have more than one kid! Looking back now, I put her pissy mood down to a growth spurt and being a bit unwell. She just went through this phase where she pretty much reverted back to her 2-year-old irrational mood swings. She was waking through the night, was very tired and cranky all the time, and even started asking for a lollipop everyday again and crying like it was the end of the world when I said no (something she used to do when she was younger). It drove me mad because I thought we had bid goodbye forever to this irrational phase.

Luckily after a couple weeks she came out of this phase and then went into a hungry phase where she was eating heaps. And now…she is finally kind of back to normal and is mostly pleasant and reasonable again. On most nights she is back to sleeping through until morning too.

At least looking back she doesn’t remember she was cranky except that she did her nails with Mummy and that is a nice memory for her…so much so that she has actually asked when we were going to do it again. I said “In two years’ time!”