The Big Freeze Festival, Cranbourne

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In the beginning of July, my husband took Miss A to The Big Freeze Festival at Cranbourne Racecourse with some friends. There were lots of different activities for the kids- snow pits, slides, all kinds of workshops, arts and crafts etc. It was an indoor event.

There was also a reenactment of Frozen with Elsa and Anna which Miss A obviously loved. She usually is very shy around strangers and people dressed in costume so I was really surprised when my husband told me that during their turn at the meet and greet she went straight in for a hug! I guess they’re Elsa and Anna after all!

Anna and Elsa

Obviously the snow pit was the highlight of the trip. The kiddos got buckets, spades and snowballs for the half-hour play in it. Clearly it doesn’t beat seeing real snow but hey, whatcha gotta do when you live in the city and don’t want to drive out?

Snow pit

To be expected, there was a bit of queuing for everything but all in all, a fun outing for the kids which resulted in them sleeping soundly in the car on the way back! Hopefully they will have it again next year!

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