Use Bandana Bibs as Carrier Teething Pads!

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When babies are around 4-5 months, they start chewing everything. So if you have them in a baby carrier a lot, you might find they start chewing the carrier straps. You can get proper teething pads that wrap around and protect the straps (or bibs for the front if you have a forward facing carrier) but they aren’t cheap considering you need to buy at least a couple so you can wash and change them frequently for hygiene reasons.

So my cheapskate alternative to teething pads are…bandana bibs!

Teething pads

These bibs are from Cotton On Kids. They work well as carrier teething pads because they join via press studs and not velcro, and I like how I can pull the pointy end of the bandana round the neck of the carrier. They are also super soft! Full price they aren’t cheap ($16.95 for 2) but I got them on the sale rack for only $5 for 2! Super score! Miss E has eczema on her cheeks so they are also great for preventing her from rubbing her face into the harsh fabric of the straps as well as protecting the carrier from getting cream and blood from broken skin on it.

I guess pads/bibs that are designed for the carrier obviously still fit and look nicer, but this alternative is working just fine for me and I am now constantly hounding my local Cotton On Kids waiting for bibs to appear on the sale rack 🙂

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