Winter Solstice Bonfire @ Collingwood Children’s Farm

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For the last decade and a half, Collingwood Children’s Farm has been celebrating the shortest day of the year (the winter solstice) with a huge bonfire in the evening. It is a fun little family event.


Before the lighting of the bonfire there were other activities on- children’s storytime, lanterns, fire twirlers, drummers etc…as well as food and drinks stalls. We parked ourselves next to the drummers and the toddlers had a blast dancing.

Bonfire 2

This was the first year that we attended and as luck would have it…it was raining. So it was wet. And cold. And muddy. And dark. And clearly fire really takes to wet sticks right? The lighting of the fire is apparently usually a climatic moment but obviously it really struggled to light up this year in the miserable conditions…and one of the drummers told us that’s the first time she’s seen that happen in the ten years she’s been participating in the event. How lucky are we?

Eventually with time and what I’m guessing was a lot of gasoline, the fire eventually got going but obviously by then it was bedtime and the kids were melting down so we didn’t stay to see its full potential. Luckily we had good company with us so the event wasn’t a fizzler. The kids still had an absolute ball playing together. Clearly no complaints about mud and rain from them. (Thanks to the husband who had to scrub all the mud off our shoes the next day!)

Bonfire 3

See youse there next year!

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