Using Cloth Nappies The Second Time Around

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Three years ago I wrote Why I Like Using Cloth Nappies when Miss A was just 5-6 months old. I used them for roughly a year until she was running around and getting her to lie down every two to three  hours for a nappy change was an impossible task. Some two years on, I am now reusing those same nappies with Miss E…and they are still just as fabulous as ever.

Cloth Nappies

As I said in the previous post mentioned above, I love cloth nappies because they are kind on bub’s skin, reduces landfill, save money (disposable nappies aren’t cheap!), and are so freaking amazing at containing poo explosions. When Miss E had bronchiolitis a few weeks back, she started pooping around the clock (guessing it was from swallowing so much mucus) and had nappy rash.  We had to use a barrier cream to help her skin heal and that meant switching back to disposable nappies for a while. (You can’t use a barrier cream with cloth nappies as it is water repellent and will build up on the nappy and affect absorption). Then just as she recovered and we got back into using cloth nappies again, she had her 4-month rotavirus vaccine and it gave her diarrhoea so we were back to disposables for another two weeks. By the end of all that, I had enough of disposable nappies! I was cussing them! For some reason we had a big problem with leakage and we sometimes had to change her clothes 2-3 times a day which is so hard to do in the middle of winter!

With Miss A, we still used disposables nappies when we were out, However, now with Miss E, I use cloth nappies outside too. It is just not worth having an uncontained poo explosion outside the home. I’d rather bring back a poopy nappy than have to strip her and change all her clothes outside the home…and probably get a poopy carrier too. I don’t remember having as much issues with disposable nappies with Miss A…either Miss E poops a lot more or my memory has just failed me.

The nappies we use are from They are cheap (currently $14.95 each- when I bought them four years ago they were $12.95 each) and great quality. Some people balk at the idea of washing cloth nappies but the pros of wearing cloth far outweigh having to do an extra small load of washing every other day. I just chuck everything into the machine for one rinse cycle then a quick cycle with half detergent. I use cold water and line dry to prolong their life span. There is no pre-soaking or pre-rinsing etc. I just put them aside in a dry bin. Breastmilk poo washes out super easily. It’s so easy to do! Easier than having to lug home a box of disposable nappies from the supermarket on foot while carrying a baby and other groceries if you ask me!

So if you’re considering cloth nappies for your firstborn, I say go for it. Obviously it depends on how long you end up using them for and how well you look after them, but if you’re like me, you might just end up using them for two kids and I think that’s value for your money!

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  1. Using Cloth nappies around a second time that's the good idea. now a day reusable cloth nappies are available in market, and i also heard most up time that using reusable cloth nappy it's good benefit for your baby comfort and save more money. So i think i want to use this, at starting point i m very confused about using reusable cloth nappy and lots of question arrives in my mind is that the right solution? and then i can't believe it's really useful idea and also affect on my budget and i can save more!


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