Sleep Training a 4-Month-Old Baby: Day 6-7

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Wake: 5.50am

Nap 1: Put down 7.10am. Pick up/put down a couple times. Talked to herself for ages too. Finally fell asleep with a couple minutes grizzling at 7.30am. Slept 35 minutes. Woke without crying at 8.05am.

Nap 2: Put down 9.25am. Picked up/put down 10 minutes. Slept 35 min. Up 10.10am.

Nap 3: Put down 11.40am. Hysterical screaming. Took a good 25 min of repeated pick up/put down before falling asleep. Slept 35 min. At least she hasn’t been stirring at the 15/20 minute mark today! Up 12.40pm.

Nap 4: Had to go get her 4 month vaccinations. Asleep in carrier at 2.30pm. Successfully transferred to car capsule (probably would’ve been impossible before this week). Brought up to apartment. Slept until 4pm. Fed and clearly still drowsy so put down in basinette and went back to sleep without fussing. Vaccinations must be making her sleepy. Slept until 6.20pm. Still drowsy but got her up to bathe.

Sleep: Put down 7.40pm drowsy after feed. Went to sleep with no fuss. Fed 10pm. Rest of the night was a real blur to be honest. Woke a few times. Then up and changed nappy at 4.20am. Couldn’t get her to go back down until 5.20am. Slept another 35 min or so after that until about 6am.


Wake: 6am.

Nap 1: Was very fussy so popped her in carrier at 7.20am and just carried her around. She fell asleep in it at 7.40am and I didn’t feel like transferring her to the bassinette. Clearly not the greatest sleep trainer am I. She slept a good 1.5 hours in carrier. Woke at 9.10am.

Nap 2: Put down 10.35am. Surprised that she didn’t really protest. Grizzled lightly less than 10 min and went to sleep. Slept 20 minutes. Woke happy around 11.05pm.

Nap 3: Put down 12.30pm. Grizzled few minutes, did one pick up/put down, then slept. Woke a couple minutes later. Tried resettling but toddler starts yelling for me and her eyes fly open completely awake. Total nap failure.

Nap 4: Put down roughly 2.30 pm. Slept till 2.50pm. 

Nap 5: 10-15 min nap at 5pm. Nothing is going well today.

Sleep: Had to go out so I put her in the carrier after her bath and she happily went to sleep at about 6.40pm. I think this might be a fail day. Starting to question why I’ve bothered recording this journey.

Conclusion: I am clearly too soft to make this work. I’m still finding it easier to occasionally let her just sleep in the Ergo carrier because my toddler is going through a stage where she constantly wants someone next to her and sometimes I can’t spend 20 minutes trying to get Miss E down in the bedroom (only to have her sleep another 20!).

I have been putting her down more when I can though and getting my husband to help out at night because he does a much better job at putting her down than me (he has also occasionally stolen her from my arms when sleeping to put her in bassinette). I find she does seem to sleep longer when he resettles her in the bassinette in the middle of the night.

For now we have settled on the pick up/put down method and putting her down drowsy after some bouncing. I guess the whole point at this stage is just kind of setting up the foundations for the future. Hopefully as she gets older we will all naturally get better at this!

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