Sleep Training a 4-Month-Old Baby: Day 5

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Note: Miss E was unwell this day.


Wake: 7.30am

Nap 1: Put down 8.55am. Picked up, bounced, put down drowsy. Slept 20 minutes. Up 9.30am.

Nap 2: Went to see the doctor to check out the weepy rash on her cheek. Got antibiotics and steroid cream. Put down about 11.20am or so when we got back. Slept 20 minutes. Woke crying and put her in carrier and bounced. Slept on/off 10 minutes in carrier. Up 12pm.

Nap 3: Since she clearly wasn’t feeling the best I thought “Stuff this I’ll let her sleep in carrier!” and I went to the city. She ended up sleeping 2.5 hours in the carrier for the entire time I was out and it was bliss (when it’s been a while since she’s slept in the carrier, she seems to sleep very long in it). Woke about 3.50pm.

Sleep: Since it was nearly 4pm when she woke from her last nap, I decided to put her down for the night at the next sleep (she has a tendency to go down for the night when it’s past 5pm- though this also means she will wake super early). Put her down for night at 5.35pm. Grizzled for 5-10 minutes and went to sleep. She seems more settled from the medications already. Woke 6.35pm. Easily resettled with a pick up/put down. Woke 9pm and fed. Woke 10pm. Comforted briefly and resettled. Woke 11pm ish (didn’t pay attention to time). Comforted and fed and fell asleep with her in my arms. Oops. Woke 1am ish, fed and put her back in bassinette. Woke 2.15am. Screamed house down during nappy change but after that settled easily back to sleep with some comforting. Up 4ish. Fed and fell asleep in arms again. Double oops. Transferred to bassinette when I woke not long after. At around 5.50am I awaken to cooing from the bassinette. And we’re up for another day…


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