Sleeping Training a 4-Month-Old Baby: Day 2 to 4

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Some things to note:

  • Due to Miss E’s age I do feed her before sleeps and when she wakes at night. Our end goal is not for her to sleep through the night but just for her to learn to sleep in her bassinette.
  • She used to go down for the night around 6pm but since we started sleep training, she seems to take a big nap at the end of the day and go down for the night much later. At the moment, I’m not really keen on waking her up from naps and moving forward bedtime until the self settling gets easier for her. The later times do work because I have a toddler who sleeps later and it means they can bathe together.
  • Initially I thought the pick up/put down method wasn’t working for us but as the days went by I started realising she was responding to it so we started doing it more and more. When she was younger she used to be hysterical when waking up from her catnaps and unable to go back to sleep even if we picked her up and comforted her, but it now seems like if we do so she can sometimes go back to sleep. All a bit of trial and error at the moment!


Wake: 6.20am.

Nap 1: Put down at 7.45am. Grizzled 10 min. Slept 35 min. Up 8.35am.

Nap 2: Put down 9.45am. Cried 10 min. Slept 20 min. Got up 10.20am.

Nap 3: Clearly tired so put her down 11.15am drowsy but slightly awake after feed. Pretty much went straight to sleep with a little chest rub. Slept 30 min. Woke up crying. Got her up but wouldn’t stop grizzling and still clearly tired so bounced her a little bit until drowsy then put her back down again. Grizzled for a few seconds then went to sleep. Slept 20 minutes. Got up 12.30pm.

Nap 4: Put down 1.50pm. Cried 3-4 min. Went to sleep. Cried after about 5 min for a few seconds. Went back to sleep without intervention. Slept 15 minutes. Complaining cry for a few minutes. Slept/grizzled on/off for 15 minutes. Slept 15 minutes. Grizzled for a few minutes. Slept 40 minutes– what? It’s a miracle! Woke up at 3.20pm without crying.

Nap 5: Put down 4.45pm. Took 30 minutes to settle with some occasional grizzling but for most of it, she was quiet and playing with her hands. Slept just over an hour. Up at 6.20pm.

Sleep: Daddy was late to bathe her so she was awake longer than usual. She was falling asleep on boob at 8.15pm so pulled her off and put her down drowsy but awake. Put herself to sleep in 5 minutes with no noise. Up at 9pm. Daddy soothed her back to sleep. Up again just past 10pm. Fed. Up 12.40pm. Fed again. Grizzled on/off from 1.50 am. Finally changed nappy and fed her at 2.20am. Woke 3.30am. Daddy resettled her. Woke 4.40am. Fed. Grizzled and resettled a few times in next 2 hours. Clearly not a good night. Finally up for the day at 6.30am.


Wake: 6.30am

Nap 1: Put down 7.55am. Grizzled/cried on/off for 13 minutes. Slept about 30 minutes. Up at 8.40am.

Nap 2: Put down 10.05am. Cried 10 min. Slept 15 min. Up 10.30am

Nap 3: Started falling asleep on boob. Put down drowsy at 11.35am. Some protest cries for a few seconds. Slept 20 minutes. Woke crying. Comforted. Went back to sleep and I lay down and konked out too (since toddler had also gone down for a nap). Woke up to her crying and couldn’t believe it when I looked at clock and realised we’d both been asleep for an hour. Up about 1pm.

Nap 4: Put down 2.25pm. Cried 10 min. Grizzled at 7 minute mark. Went back to sleep with a few pats. Slept 20 minutes. Up at 3pm.

Nap 5: Went out. Cried 7 min in car. Fell asleep in car seat (usually very difficult for her). Slept 20 minutes until we reached our destination at 5pm.

Nap 6: Took a nap in carrier for roughly 30-40 minutes since we were out. Wasn’t paying attention to times.

Sleep: Straight to bed at 8.30pm when we got home. Grizzled on/off for 10 minutes and went to sleep. Woke up an hour later Picked up to comfort then put down. Back to sleep. Woke 12.30am and fed. Woke 2.10am. Daddy resettled. Woke 2.30am and fed. Woke 4.10am. Daddy resettled again. Woke 4.35am and feed. Woke 6.30am, fed and then looked like she wanted to go back to sleep but she then pooped…which meant we’re up for the day!


Wake: 6.30am

Nap 1: Put down 7.50am. Crying unusually distressed at 8 minute mark so picked her up and bounced for a couple minutes until she was calm. Put her back down. Just grizzled another 4 minutes or so before falling asleep. Slept 20 minutes. Woke up crying. Picked up and bounced a couple minutes until calm. Put down and slept 30 minutes. Bounced couple minutes again. Slept 15 minutes. Up at about 9.30am.

Nap 2: Put down 10.45am. Quietly looked around for about 10 minutes then grizzly cry for about 5 minutes then slept. Slept 20 minutes then woke. Tried to resettle another 20 minutes before giving up.

Nap 3: Put down 1pm (over wake time as I was busy getting Misd A ready for an outing). Hysterical crying so picked up/put down about 4 times in 10 min before she fell asleep. Slept 15 min. Pick up/put down a few times. Slept almost 30 minutes. Up at 2pm

Nap 4: Was an absolute terror at wake time. Screaming, arching, refusing boob. Tried putting her down at 3.30pm but she wasn’t having any of it and I was exhausted and had lots to do. Finally popped her in the Ergobaby carrier and went about my day. She fell asleep 4.15pm in the carrier and I decided to go walk the dog instead of putting her down as I didn’t get to do that while she was awake since she was fussing. Finally put her down at 6.20pm so I could have dinner. She just kept sleeping until I finally decided to get her up at 8.40pm to bathe since she hasn’t had a bath the day before.

Sleep: Put down at 9.55pm- the latest ever! Fell asleep within 10 minutes with only a couple minutes grizzling at the end. This night was an absolute blur cause I was totally exhausted and my husband helped out. All I know is that she was unusually unsettled.

* We went to the doctor’s the next day to check out a red rash on her cheek and discovered she had a skin infection. So that might explain why she’s been so grumpy- it’s been inflamed and weepy and is likely painful and itchy. So decided to go easy on her for a bit until it clears.


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