How to Eat While Holding a Sleeping Baby

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Eating while holding

1. Forget the one-arm hold. It handicaps you. Use a baby carrier! I use an Ergobaby. It leaves you with two hands free to eat with and also covers up bub. Don’t use a sling where their arms are able to grab you if they suddenly awaken. Last thing you want is to drop anything on them.

2. You thought the hood on the baby carrier was to shield them from the elements or just to cover them when they sleep? Nah…every parent knows it’s just one big bib so you don’t drop food on bub’s head.

3. If bub easily awakens and you are in a quiet environment like home, use plastic cutlery. No clinking.

4. Transfer small portions of your food to a small, light bowl that’s easy to hold over your bub’s head to eat. Plastic Chinese rice bowls or kids’ bowls are great.

5. Never attempt to spoon food in your mouth without holding a bowl or having a cupped hand underneath to catch food droppings. YOU KNOW YOU WILL DROP IT (and it will be a b*tch to spot clean the hood).

 6. Watch the temperature on drinks, rotate your body to the side to drink if it’s a tall cup, and make sure there are no drips coming down the side after you take a gulp. Maybe Irish up that coffee while you’re at it because we all need to enjoy ourselves when the baby’s asleep.

7. Be prepared to stand and jiggle at any time when bub stirs! If you’re at a restaurant/cafe, always choose the aisle seat!

8. People are staring and judging? No no they are just amazed and totally envious of your multitasking abilities. “Wow I wish I could eat like that with my baby!” is what they’re thinking.

9. Practice makes perfect. Start with easy finger food before moving on to things that require cutlery. Don’t attempt anything you are not 100% confident with.

10. Dream of a day when you’ll finally be able to eat your food in peace.


Been there, done that? What are some of your tips and tricks for eating while holding a sleeping baby?

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