The Compulsory Post Baby Hair Cut

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It’s been 3.5 months since Miss E arrived into this world…that lovely time in my life when I’m shedding more hair than the dog. For those of you unaware of this lovely phenomenon: During pregnancy the increased levels of oestrogen in your body delays the natural shedding stage of your hair, supposedly giving you ah-may-zing, thick locks. After birth, your hormones all return to normal and then your head basically starts shedding your hair like there is no tomorrow.

I can’t say I noticed a change in my hair during pregnancy, likely because my hair has always been thick, but with long hair I have most definitely noticed the postpartum hair loss. The loose hair strands were getting everywhere and I was starting to worry it would wrap around Miss E’s neck or fingers or toes…so off I went to get the chop.

Short hair

I actually don’t like having short hair because my hair naturally curls out at the ends. Of course my hair looks and feels wonderful after a fresh hair cut and professional blow dry, but once I’ve washed it myself…I look like a 12-year-old schoolgirl with bad hair. I really want to permanently straighten my hair but I can’t do so while breastfeeding. Oh well…Mum ponytail for the win!

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