Broccoli and Cheese Nuggets

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A couple weeks ago, I whipped up some broccoli and cheese nuggets/tater tots/patties (call them what you may) and my toddler actually ate a couple which is nothing short of a miracle.

Broccoli nuggets

How to make them:

  • Chop a head of broccoli roughly
  • Blanch broccoli pieces for a couple of minutes in boiling water then drain (and shock in cold water if you want to retain the green colour)
  • Chop broccoli finely
  • Mix in 1 egg, 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs (I used panko), and 1/2 cup of grated cheese
  • Form into the shape you want and bake until browned (I turned them once)
  • Give them some fancy, lame, green-related name to make them more attractive to your toddler…dino money anyone? No? Just me? What works with my toddler is also to just sidle up next to her and start casually eating without saying a word, pretending it’s only for me. She will usually go “What’s that?” and ask to try some.

You can add other ingredients and seasonings if you wish, but even without anything extra they are surprisingly tasty! My husband liked it so much he declared he would like to see it added to our regular household menu. If you’re doing baby-led weaning, they also make a fantastic finger food.


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