When The Flu Strikes Your Household

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Both my 3-year-old and 3-month-old are sick now with what I reckon is the flu. What a joy. They have been sick together before but just with a cold- nothing like this! My toddler has been sick for days now with fever, a wet cough and sniffles and has just been crying to be held all day and night…which is impossible when you have a baby. A sick baby who is also demanding to be held too because she is also sick, no less.

How people deal with more than two kids and/or a smaller age gap, I really don’t know. When both of them are screaming and crying for Mummy I feel totally overwhelmed. At least my toddler is already 3 and I know she can understand if I need to tend to the baby but it obviously doesn’t make her cry any less. And I feel horrible because I know she is only crying because she is sick and feeling rundown. And of course, when one kid is crying it makes the other cry even harder and you feel like bashing your head against the wall.

Ellie tummy time

Despite all this, the little one is still looking super cute and even rolled from tummy to back for the first time! But of course, being the slightly neglected second child…NO ONE SAW IT. I just left her on her tummy and when I went to pick her up I realised she was on her back!

Apparently you can vaccinate children over six months for the flu (though some doctors will say 3 years- I think it depends which vaccination?). The first year they have it, they have to get two doses given four weeks apart (subsequent years require just one shot). My husband is adamant we’re going to force the kids to get jabbed next year. We’ve both been getting it every year and I haven’t had the flu since 2011. I’ve never been so thankful that I had my flu shot this year. How would I look after two sick kids if I’m sick in bed myself? I just have had a slight tickle in my throat/chest but it has not progressed at all.

So get your shot folks, get it now if you haven’t already done so! And look into vaccinating your kids if they go to daycare and you have a baby or elderly people at home. Having the flu is no fun, no fun at all…

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