Brunch @ Matcha Mylkbar, St Kilda

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I am someone who usually prefers not to mix cafe/restaurant outings with young babies, but an invite from a friend to check out new vegan cafe Matcha Mylkbar sounded way too good to pass up (I love green, matcha and vego food so it sounded perfect on paper!). So we went, kids and all. Interestingly there turned out to be a lot of parents with bubs there. On the way out we even spotted hula hoops and games like bowling pins on the side though there really didn’t appear to be any room to use them inside the cafe.


There were seriously a lot of interesting sounding lattes on the menu- mushroom latte, anyone? No? How about beetroot? Or tumeric? I couldn’t pass up trying the matcha latte though since this was a matcha cafe after all. It came in a nice big bowl which was a good size for $5. There were lots of mixed reviews on Zomato (previously UrbanSpoon) with some saying their matcha lattes were too strong and others saying it was too weak. It seems it might depend on who is making your drink? I thought mine was on the strong side and I’m not a pansy either. I ended up adding sugar halfway through to make it go down easier. Can’t say I would order it straight up again. Next time I might try the mango and lychee version.

Green smoothie

The husband had the smoothie known as “If You Know Any Vegetable Puns, Lettuce Know”. Warning- that is just the start of all the lame puns that fill this place. The smoothie has coconut, avocado, spinach, matcha, organic coconut oil, dates, and coconut water in it (no actual lettuce). All the smoothies are $12 (I know), come served in a big skull mug and are pretty much a meal in itself. It was nice but I won’t lie- after having this plus food he actually felt sick afterwards.

Pink smoothie

My toddler chose the “pink smoothie”…what else? (For some reason she loved smooching the skull as pictured) The smoothie’s real name is “When Khalesi Wears Lycra” and consists of dragonfruit, mango, passionfruit, almond milk, almond butter and macadamia nuts. It came topped with chia seeds, almonds, and goji berries, to name a few. Honestly a vegan cafe is probably my veggie-hating toddler’s worst nightmare. She dove into a vegan cake pop and then spat it out. Luckily the smoothie seemed acceptable to her, as were the sweet potato fries ($7 for a bowl with almond butter).


I had the soy chicken burger ($20) which comes with “mushroom bacon, avocado, beetroot kraut, matcha bun, beetroot hummus and sweet potato fries”. I can’t say I actually remember tasting all those ingredients. I swear there were alfalfa sprouts in it. The bun was nice and green but that was as matcha as it got. The soy chicken patty itself was fine but the accompanying flavours just needed to be more intense to really make it sing. I did like the sweet potato fries though.

The husband had the pumpkin gnocchi with eggplant bolognese, spinach and fava beans ($20). It was alright but I honestly expected something saucier.

Again. reviews for the food on Zomato were very mixed. Generally a lot of people did say the food lacked “zing” and I hate to agree. It’s definitely not bad but it’s not like you’re going “wow” as you eat it either. What it definitely is is visually appealing though. It sure makes pretty photos!

There were lots of other interesting items on the menu like vegan “eggs” with whites made from coconut and yolks from sweet potato puree which I think is worth trying for curiosity’s sake next time. It’s a new place so I guess it will keep improving and evolving. In the meantime, the menu and social media campaign has been enough to drive the crowd in in droves. We went on a weekday and it was packed. Good luck going there on a weekend!

Now I just need to figure out how to recreate those sweet potato fries at home for Miss A… 

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