Hair Bands: An easy and chic look for busy mums

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If you’re a mum with long hair, chances are you’re constantly rocking the “mum bun/ponytail” look ’cause you don’t have time to eat let alone style your hair! After three years, I decided it was time to glam up the look a little and figured that an easy way to do that was with hair bands!


I personally love the vintage top knot look but I had difficulty finding nice adult ones that were affordable. The adult ones are also usually plain and don’t have the loose end knots which I like (I figure most adults who wear this look use scarves and tie them up themselves). However, you will find that babies have a ridiculous selection everywhere at cheap prices. So after staring longingly (with searing envy) at all these super cute baby hair bands…I bought them for myself! (The one above is from Big W)

They were looped in the packet so it was hard to tell how big they were but I figured if they were too small I could always give it to my girls. But guess what…they actually fit.

So prove to your kids that mummy can look cool too and raid their hair accessories box! (If you really must know, I confess I actually did steal a hair band from my 3-year-old that she has always refused to wear and then claimed it was mine because I knew she had completely forgotten she ever had it!)

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