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I’ve been yearning for some nursing dresses for a while now. I literally only have ONE dress I can easily breastfeed in and it wasn’t even designed to be a nursing dress. The sleeves and jersey material just make it easy to pull aside and nurse in. When Miss A was a few weeks old, we had to attend three weddings over three consecutive weekends. I wore this same dress for two of the weddings, and the third I was bridesmaid so to nurse, I had to find an empty room and literally strip off my bridesmaid dress to feed in.

Over the years, I’ve worn that one faithful dress so many times I’m now sick of it. I have wrote before that I do not wear nursing shirts as I find it more convenient to wear a nursing tank under a loose-ish top and lift my shirt to feed. However, dresses are another issue. You can’t lift a dress to feed in and it’s so inconvenient to find a private spot to strip your top down if you’re wearing a normal dress! So now that I’m breastfeeding a newborn again, I started looking online for nursing dresses to wear for formal occasions but most of them retail for around $100 or more and I thought that was a bit pricey for a dress.

Then, in the most perfect case of good timing ever, I got an email from Eve of Eden Maternity asking to review some nursing clothes. They are a new Australian online store selling chic maternity and nursing clothes at bargain prices. So I said “Yes please!” and chose two dresses and a nursing sweater.

The first dress to catch my eye was the black 3/4 Sleeve Body-Con Maternity Dress ($66.50). I don’t have many form-fitting dresses so I thought this would be a good, solid addition to my wardrobe.Black body con catalogue

If a nice little mini dress is what you’re after, then this is an obvious choice. It’s comfortable, it’s black, and it’s versatile. You can easily glam it up with heels and acessories or dress it down for daily wear with leggings and boots. You could even pull a skirt over it.
Black body con

However, as you can see in my photo, this dress is not as long as the model picture makes it appear. The model is apparently 178 cm tall and wearing a Size 8 and I am 165 cm and wearing a Size 12…and not even pregnant. I don’t actually have a problem with the length, but it was just unexpected. I’m not sure if it’s just the style or the way my body is shaped but two other people have mentioned the same thing on the reviews on the website. The description does mention the dress length is about 83 cm from shoulder to hem and I whipped out the measuring tape and found that was actually accurate. I just judged the length from the model’s height though.

If you are fine with the hemline, it’s a nice little black dress and easy to nurse in by pulling up the nursing panel:

Black body con catalogue nursing feature

This is me genuinely nursing Miss E in it. I’m sure she rates it highly for the speed with which she could access my boob.

Black body con feeding

The next dress I chose is the Dark Azure Maternity Wrap Dress ($69). I couldn’t resist the style or colour!

Dark azure wrap catalogue

What I like about wrap dresses is that you can tie it any way you want. Above the model looped the sash around her waist whereas I just tied the dress up on the side for a different, non-maternity look. I’m wearing a Size 10 here.

Dark azure wrap

There is modesty panel across the bust underneath the dress which I love. To feed, just pull the top aside and lift the panel.

Dark azure wrap nursing feature

I’ll definitely be wearing this to a couple of weddings this year. Wrap dresses are so incredibly pretty and flattering whether you’re pregnant or just nursing (or both?). What I also love about this style is that it’s not obviously a nursing dress so you can keep wearing it even when you’re done with pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Lastly, out of pure curiosity, I chose the Geo Spot Nursing Sweater ($71). I mean, have you ever heard of a nursing sweater before? I sure hadn’t. I thought it would be great for these cooler months.

Geo spot nursing sweater catalogue

To feed in, you just need to undo the press studs at the collar. The idea is that you can stay warm by not needing to lift your top up.

Geo spot nursing sweater nursing feature

Unless you’re wearing a nursing shirt underneath though, I recommend a scarf for warmth and modesty up top. I guess another solution is to leave the top stud done up and undo the bottom ones to pop your boob out. In the photo below, I am wearing a Size 10…and I admit I’m still wearing my maternity jeans too! Seriously, who needs to go back to buttons and zips when you’ve known the comfort of elasticated jeans.

Nursing sweater

Whether this design is for you is down to a matter of personal choice. I usually like to lift my shirt to feed in but you know what, I have to say this sweater and its press studs has really grown on me and I have worn it out already. I guess it’s nice to have options! If you like to use a nursing cover and be able to see what you’re doing under there, this is a good choice. I used to like using nursing covers when I was still inexperienced with breastfeeding with Miss A and found that button-down tops were the easiest to manoeuvre under it.

Many thanks to Eve of Eden Maternity for the opportunity to review your nursing clothes. Customer service and delivery was thorough and prompt and it was a pleasure dealing with you!

For these pieces and lots more maternity and nursing wear (tops, dresses, sweaters, pants, bras etc) at discounted prices, visit Eve of Eden Maternity’s website now at

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