Coping with Two: Things I am learning after 6 weeks

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Miss E is 6.5 weeks. My mum has left and we are on our own and it’s been…surprisingly alright! We definitely really needed her help initially in the recovery and adjustment phase but now it’s actually been nice getting back into our own routine. Some things I’ve learned so far:

The best way to get everyone down for a nap with only one pair of hands is to chuck the toddler in the pram and the baby in the carrier…and walk around the block!

It’s possible to do anything with a baby strapped to you- cook, eat, clean, wash dishes, do the laundry, shop, work etc! (Now that Miss E is bigger, I’ve pretty much been using the Ergo carrier full time) I think this comes down to part experience, part necessity though- I didn’t really know how to do all these things while babywearing with my first. I also discovered Miss E absolutely loves white noise (specifically the actual shower and dryer turned on at the same time) so I use a white noise app on my phone to help drown out the sound of the chores and her sister talking.

Miss E has just started looking around and loves watching her sister and her sister loves showing her how to play. It’s been lovely watching their relationship develop even at this early stage! Looking forward to when they can really play with each other!

Coping with a toddler and newborn and managing a house and business at the same time is totally possible…if you sacrifice sleep! Now with two procrastination is not an option- everything you can do before you retire to bed, you do even if it’s already midnight.

I do feel a tinge of sadness that Miss E is growing so fast- I will miss how small and cuddly she is now. I know many people appreciate their firstborn, but it was difficult for me with postpartum depression. I really do appreciate my newborn now and it’s a bittersweet feeling because she is my last so I know I have to savour it!

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