Toddler Outings: Melbourne Museum

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One of my 3-year-old’s favourite places to visit is the Melbourne Museum. Apparently it’s going to be refurbished in the near future, but as it is it’s pretty entertaining for the little ones.

Miss A loves the dinosaur fossils (in the Science and Life Gallery), the Mind and Body Gallery (anything to do with the digestive system and pooping is highly riveting stuff for a toddler), and of course the Children’s Gallery which features lots of age appropriate activities for young kids.

Children's Gallery

The Children’s Gallery

Children's Gallery- Drawers

Miss A opening drawers


Miss A’s favourite section- the stalagmites and stalactites

Next to the Children’s Gallery is the Children’s Garden- a little outdoor section with entertaining games for the kiddies. There is also an outdoor Forest Gallery  at the main entrance which some kids might find pretty cool to explore. At the lower level of the museum, there are exhibitions which change every few months which you have to pay extra to see. At the moment it’s Jurassic World.


The animals section of the Science and Life Gallery

The best time to visit the museum  is probably a Monday or Tuesday. The rest of the days are when there are a lot of school groups and, needless to say, the place is absolutely overrun during weekends and school holidays. There is a cafe with overpriced food (I recommend packing your own and eating in one of the outdoor areas), an outdoor playground, nappy change facilities, and also a cloak room if you want to leave the pram at the door.

The only thing is that there isn’t private breastfeeding areas- only a single chair in a small general parents’ room. When I had to nurse Miss A when she was younger I would just go to the outdoor kids’ area to a bench facing away from everyone.

Then when you’re done visiting the museum, the kids will love going outside to the Carlton Gardens playground to cap of the day!

Considering it’s free for kids to visit ($14 for adults), the museum is an easy choice of places to take the kiddos to to keep them from turning the house upside down when they’re antsy!

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