Pregnancy Diary #2: TWO WEEKS POSTPARTUM- Getting Back To Normal

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2 Weeks PP

It’s been two weeks since my second daughter Miss E popped out. The postpartum cramps and aches the second time around really took me by surprise. Even my feet hurt to walk. No wonder the Chinese believe you have to do the whole confinement thing lest your body falls apart- it sometimes kind of felt like it might just do that. But at this point I think I’ve recovered fairly well and am feeling relatively normal again. I still have a hint of carpal tunnel in my right hand but it’s not so bad now. It’s also nice to be able to get back into my old shirts again!

The second time around, breastfeeding has been so much easier. The main thing is that my oversupply this time is nowhere near as bad as it was with Miss A. I had a horrible oversupply and engorgement then for months- it was difficult and painful and I also ended up with mastitis at six weeks postpartum. Now after just two weeks with Miss E I feel like my supply is getting quite manageable. I’m glad my boobs seem to have learned from the first experience!

My parents have been around to cook nutritious meals and help with the house. Miss A is in this funny phase though where she is extra clingy to my husband and I and is rejecting other adults so unfortunately my parents haven’t been able to help much with her. Miss E has been relatively easy so far which really helps when Miss A can still be very difficult to handle. Miss A is not jealous of her sister but is certainly still going through an adjustment period where she is feeling insecure that Mummy and Daddy might leave (possibly caused by us prepping her for when we needed to go to the hospital to give birth) and is extra irrational about everything. I do hope she gets over this phase soon as it is driving us all cuckoo!

I know the real test will come when my mum leaves and I have to run this house on my own. I guess I just have to be organized and fully utilise Miss A’s school days to clean the house and do grocery shopping and prep things in advance. Taking the two kids out on my own will also be interesting. To be honest, I’m not sure I’m ready for everything motherhood has in store for me…but I will just have to tackle it head on!

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