What’s In My Hospital Go Bag? Things to pack for giving birth

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Hospital bag

My half packed bags – I have a list on the wall behind it with the things I need to chuck in at the last minute e.g. phone, wallet etc

When I had my first child, I brought a lot of things to hospital that I did not end up using. This time, this is what I’m bringing:

The basics:

  • Toiletries (I find 3-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash pretty handy as you’re trying to shower super fast to get back to baby! The Organic Care kids stuff is great.)
  • Small towel (hospital should provide towels for showering etc)
  • Clothes
  • Pajamas (button down tops ones are handy for breastfeeding)
  • Sanitary pads (a sufficient and cheaper equivalent to maternity pads in my opinion)
  • Slippers/thongs
  • Belly band to support tummy postnatally (was given this by the hospital in my first stay)

The essentials:

  • Phone + charger 
  • File with medical documents
  • Wallet

For labour:

  • Sports drink
  • TENS machine
  • Muesli bars (more for postnatal middle of the night munching though)

For breastfeeding:

  • Nursing bras/tanks
  • Breast pads
  • Nipple cream
  • Breastfeeding pillow

For bub:

  • Onesies (lots of them – they poop and dirty them a lot!)
  • Singlets
  • Baby wipes (hospital provides cotton wool)
  • Disposable nappies (hospital will provide cloth ones)
  • Wrap for when heading home (hospital will provide wraps when you’re there)
  • Baby sling

I brought a lot of things for the labour process the first time around e.g. CDs, essential oils, heat pack and all that jazz, but then the reality is that I ended up not having time or energy to think about any of that at all! Maybe other women might them useful but I sure didn’t end up using any of that and it was just a waste of bag space. The only thing I found useful was the TENS machine which of course I wore at home and to the hospital.

I also found I could not eat or drink anything at all the second day into my labour- not even water. I was just concentrating so hard on getting this baby out. So this time I’m not bringing that much and it’s really more for the postnatal munchies rather than the labour process.

It’s good to also check how long your hospital will keep you in for the different circumstances – natural delivery, C-section etc. The first hospital I was at, 2 nights was standard for a natural uncomplicated birth whereas my current hospital aims to churn you out in 24 hours. That will help you plan how much clothes etc you need to bring. The first time, I underestimated how many changes of clothes a newborn would need. I sure didn’t realise how often they would get poop on their clothes!

So that’s what is in my bag! Hope that helps someone 🙂

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