Pregnancy Diary #2: 38 WEEKS- The Waiting Game

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Miss E’s head is engaged and I feel like my bump looks a lot lower. Braxton Hicks contractions are getting more frequent and intense and it’s getting harder and harder to sleep at night. The carpal tunnel in my right hand is also getting worse and I’m starting to lose a little bit of function in the morning. I was making Miss A breakfast today and I could barely feel my hand when trying to cut her bread. I’ve also noticed more puffiness in my face and feet. Sigh…it’s just a painful waiting game from here.

38 weeks

But the good news is that with everything technically going well and my Group B strep test coming back negative, things are looking very good for a water birth at the hospital. The only things that can prevent this is if Miss E decides to come super fast and we don’t make it to hospital in time or something goes wrong which needs medical monitoring.

Miss A is excited about meeting her little sister soon, but at the same time has become increasingly anxious and attached to me as the time to give birth draws near. She gets extremely paranoid even when I just leave the room to have a lie down. I am definitely a bit worried about how an overnight stay at the hospital will go but I guess I just have to accept that she is old enough to understand what’s going on and cope without me. At least I know my husband has no problems putting up with her meltdowns, and if all goes well I can get out of hospital within 24 hours.

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