Toddler Outings: Inflatable World, Maribyrnong/Footscray

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Last year we took Miss A to Inflatable World at Oakleigh. It was very crowded and noisy and she really didn’t handle the chaos very well at 2+ years of age. This year we headed to a different direction and took her to Inflatable World at Maribyrnong. Prices have increased slightly as of 2016. At this branch, 5s and over are $15, 4s and under are $8 and 4s and under plus a participating parent is $15.

The difference between this branch and the Oakleigh one though is that this is open on Friday as well as the weekend, and all week during school holidays. So we went Friday morning the week most schools had reopened and it was amazingly quiet! I should add it was also a really miserably rainy day which I imagined kept many parents with small kids at home.

Inflatable World, Maribyrnong

Look ma, nobody here!

So with the lack of crowds and being a bit older and braver now at 3 years of age, Miss A had an absolute ball. The Maribyrnong branch is slightly smaller than the Oakleigh one, but the good thing was there was a little less divide between the toddler section and big kid section. She really enjoyed running around and went on all the big kid slides and jumpy castles and loved every bit of it. Eventually a few other kids rocked up but hardly enough to get in the way. Service was friendly and I had a hot chocolate while waiting for the hubby and kid to finish playing.

So if your kids are a bit younger or don’t do so well in crowds, I really do recommend this branch. Don’t forget your socks!

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