Pregnancy Diary #2: 36 WEEKS- The Final Month

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It’s February! Miss A is turning 3 this month and Miss E is due to make her grand appearance sometime this month too (well, at least I hope so because if we go into March she will be overdue). It will be interesting to see how close their birthdays will be!

36 weeks Miss E

Miss E has been good with remaining in the head down position and the daily cramps, pangs, and Braxton Hicks are only getting more intense. I’ve been wondering whether she has dropped (doctor says she hasn’t) but then I read online that after your first child, subsequent pregnancies don’t normally drop until just before labour! So I guess there’s no real way of guessing when she will make her grand appearance.

I’ve also been getting carpal tunnel syndrome in my right arm. This is apparently pretty common in late pregnancy and caused by swelling which compresses the nerves. I try to sleep with my arm elevated but obviously it’s not the most comfortable position. At least it’s not really bad during the day and I haven’t lost any function in my arm.

Bizarrely, I think I’m getting stretch marks on my calf. It’s only on my left calf and it’s not like I have noticeable fluid retention or swelling so it’s a little perplexing but it definitely looks like stretch marks as opposed to varicose veins or anything else. With my first, stretch marks ambushed me in super late pregnancy on my bum. In fact, I didn’t even notice them until after birth. I didn’t get any marks anywhere else…so I guess now I’m just continuing this tradition of getting stretch marks in unexpected places!

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