Pregnancy Diary #2: 34 WEEKS- Pregnancy vitamins and supplements

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34 weeks and things are getting crampier and tighter. Surprisingly though my energy levels have improved a lot, probably due to the fact that my folic acid dose has been increased to 5 mg. I have thalassaemia (in super layman terms, my red blood cells are small and flat) so the doctor suggested a mega dose and I’ve found it has really helped me feel better. I will probably keep taking it even after pregnancy.

34 weeks

So this is my collection of pills I’m popping in these last few weeks of pregnancy:


Blackmores Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Gold – I’ve been taking this for the last 4 years as I’ve either been pregnant or breastfeeding all this time! I do prefer Blackmores over Elevit because it has fish oil. I know Elevit has a higher level of folic acid but I think Blackmores is sufficient for a normal healthy woman.

Vitamin D3 – I used to be deficient many years ago before conceiving my first daughter. My levels were perfectly normal by the time I gave birth to her but I’ve continued taking it just to keep my levels up through breastfeeding and now this second pregnancy. I will probably keep taking it after breastfeeding my second, albeit at a lower dosage.

Megafol 5- This is my mega dose of folic acid. I used to take Blackmores 500 mcg folate and find it ironic that these 5 mg pills which are 10 times the dosage are actually smaller and easier to swallow.

Raspberry leaf – So apparently red raspberry leaf tea is good to take in the last trimester for toning the uterus and helping with labour and childbirth. For my first pregnancy, I drank the loose leaf tea but I have to say after about a week, it got a little hard to drink it in large amounts everyday. And did it help? To be honest I I can’t say for sure as my labour still took an agonising 28 hours. But at the end of the day, my body did an amazing job at delivering a healthy baby (she was never distressed at any point) all on its own with zero drugs and medical intervention. The hospital kept refusing to admit me as they didn’t think I was that far along but my body knew exactly what it was doing even when I didn’t. My uterus knew it was time and was pushing her out even when I wasn’t actively doing so. So I have to say, it did an excellent job. So basically I thought it couldn’t hurt to take raspberry leaf again, but this time in pill form to make things much easier! I just got this (Blooms brand) from Chemist Warehouse.

Evening primrose oil – So apparently this is good for softening the cervix in preparation for labour. I’ve read of some women even poking a hole in a pill and putting it up their vagina when it’s near their due date. I think I would only be that desperate if I were overdue. For now, I will just take it orally thanks!

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