Pregnancy Diary #2: 33 WEEKS- Prepping for baby’s arrival

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I have finally gotten round to prepping for Miss E’s arrival- buying essentials like nappies and breast pads, washing the newborn clothes and making space in Miss A’s closet to store them, digging out my TENS machine and Epi-No etc. So at least now I feel slightly more relaxed about her impending arrival.Onesie

This was one of Miss A’s first outfits. The beanie was a gift from the hospital (who apparently had a “team of nannas” knitting them) and I thought I would just wash it to bring in case Miss E doesn’t get one at this hospital (we are in a different hospital to before). Even if she does get her own, I thought it would be cute and sentimental to get a photo of Miss E in the same beanie. 

Miss A Newborn toes

Miss A as a newborn

We also finally went on our hospital tour! Now we know where to go on D-day woohoo! To think the first time around with Miss A we went on our tour in my first trimester! Talk about total lack of urgency when it’s your second. Miss A was the only toddler present at the tour (most couples there were expecting their first child) and thankfully she ended up falling asleep and napping through the entire tour – it would’ve been a nightmare keeping her occupied and quiet through the hour it took if she were awake.

One of things I appreciate about our current hospital is that admission is through Emergency. The problem we had in our first hospital was that you had to trek through the main doors all the way to the labour ward at the back – and at that stage I was already pushing and could NOT walk. But obviously because we were at the main doors and not in Emergency or Admissions, there were no wheelchairs available and also no staff who were free to help us. A lady who was just visiting someone ended up helping us find a wheelchair and was so kind as to wheel me all the way to the labour ward while my husband carried the bags. It was a great hospital and I had a great postnatal stay there – just the worst design for women in labour!

Another thing about our current hospital is that most of the birth suites have baths so water births are possible if everything is going well. I am thrilled about this as towards the end of my labour with Miss A I got into the bath at home and I felt it really sped things up and helped SO much with the pain. I seriously did not want to get out to go to the hospital! So fingers crossed that we get a suite with a bath and that everything goes well enough for a water birth to happen.

This time I have a student midwife following me through my last few weeks of pregnancy, the birth and even postnatally. It’s quite nice as it means I have company for my antenatal visits where I would otherwise be alone since the husband has to look after the toddler. The first time around I just had a random student midwife at the birth only – I wasn’t comfortable letting someone follow me for a significant period. Now knowing what to expect though things feel a lot different and it actually feels like a privillege letting someone learn off your experience. The student who is following me has just finished her first year and I am actually the first woman she is following through the continuity of care program so hopefully I can give her a very nice positive experience of birth.

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