Pregnancy Diary #2: 32 WEEKS- All cleared for a natural birth

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I am at 32 weeks plus and moving like a sloth. I am so lethargic and immobile and the hot weather does not help!

32 weeks bump shot

My 20 week ultrasound revealed a borderline low placenta so we had to go for a follow up scan which we just had done today. Most of the time in borderline cases the placenta moves up with the growing uterus and thankfully that is exactly what has happened in our case. Miss E is looking extremely healthy and is also well and truly head down which I could already tell from her hiccups. It is looking unlikely she will change position at this stage because she has been in that position for a while now (ever since I could feel her hiccups at 26 weeks, it has always been low). So in short, we are all cleared for a natural birth which is obviously what I wanted so I’m delighted.

The only thing is that she is looking much bigger than Miss A was. From the start, she has always charted ahead of Miss A. I had my due date for Miss A adjusted back by 10 days whereas I didn’t need any adjustment for this pregnancy. My menstrual cycle is usually longer than 28 days so I was pretty surprised by this. And now even then, Miss E is still measuring above average! I told the doctor that Miss A was born at 3.2 kg at 40 weeks and she said Miss E will be bigger than that. Oh boy…she better not be late!

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