2 Going on 16

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A and VMiss A is nearly 3 now and has been talking in full sentences for the last year, but it never gets old hearing such “adult” words come from such a little body. Lately she also seems to have developed a bit of teenage sass.

For instance, she knows I’m the softer parent so when she asks for something she wants and my husband replies her, she will tell him “No I’m not talking to YOU! I’m talking to Mummy!”

And when my husband reminded her for the second time that we’re going out in 10 minutes, she yelled, “Okay, Daddy! I KNOW THAT!!!”

She also already naturally loves girly things like dresses, makeup, body glitter, nail polish, high heels and all that jazz – she definitely didn’t get that from me!

We’ve always felt her personality might mean she turns out a rather, erh, interesting teenager. Basically she is the kind of kid who is naturally introverted and does not thrive of praise from others…which in simple terms means she will do her own thing and doesn’t care if she pisses you off. And in even simpler terms, her personality type is exactly like me! Poor Daddy has to deal with two of us…I hope the next kid takes after him!

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